Everyone want a whiter, more attractive smile. We understand that our patients are interested in feeling good and looking great, and whiter teeth have a lot to do with that! A smile that is clean and fresh can provide you with a pop of self-confidence and it can influence the way that others perceive you, both in your professional and your personal life. For millions of patients, the opportunity for a whiter smile can be obtained with the help of cosmetic dentistry and professional teeth whitening.


Understanding Teeth Whitening

Specially formulated whitening solutions are applied to the enamel to break up and bleach away the sediments that are known to discolor the teeth. These solutions may be self-activated, or requiring light or heat activated. Without altering or changing the structure of the enamel, these solutions deliver oxygen deep inside the outer layer of the tooth to remove the appearance of stains.

When to Whiten Your Teeth

Bleaching or whitening the teeth is recommended whenever you have the desire for a whiter or brighter smile. Stains from coffee, tea, smoking, red wine, juice or colored soft drink can make your smile appear dull over time. Normal brushing or flossing may not remove these stains, you may be interested in teeth whitening.

Often times, the aging process can reduce the brightness of your smile, causing the teeth to appear dull yellow or brown. Many of our mature patients are seeking whitening treatments in order to return to more youthful smiles.

Choosing the Safest Teeth Whitening Method

Our experienced team will be happy to offer our professional advice as to the method of whitening that will be safest and most effective for you. Choosing a professional solution will also ensure that the bleaching process is as comfortable and predictable as possible, yielding the results that will make you feel your best.