At Faithful Dental, we strive to alleviate any pain and fear with professional dental care in a relaxed, comfortable environment. We guarantee to provide extra care whether it’s a simple or surgical extraction, or wisdom teeth extractions.


Reasons for Tooth Extractions:

For some patient, tooth extraction may be necessary for different reasons. For those who have an un-restorable damaged teeth, an extraction may be the only way to fix a dental issue and keep gums and other teeth from getting infected. There are many instances when fillings, crowns, or overlays are not enough to save a tooth and remove it is necessary. Here are some examples:

Severe damaged tooth. Tooth decay or traumatic injury could get so worse that the only way to maintain the health of your mouth is to remove the damaged tooth. This is to prevent infections, abscess and recurring pain.

Orthodontics treatment plan. Orthodontic patients often have crowded teeth or teeth that have grown improperly. In order to install braces, some teeth, especially those that have no space for some tooth to grow properly, Teeth are planned to remove as part of treatment to achieve the goal.. 

Periodontal gum disease. This condition, wherein the gum and bones surrounding a tooth becomes infected, can result to unstable and loose teeth. The common solution is to perform teeth extractions and replace them with dentures. 

Wisdom teeth and surgical extraction. 

Wisdom teeth extractions are another common dental procedure. It’s not always a reason for concern initially. But there are cases when the growth of wisdom teeth can cause health problems. If you feel pain or stiffness in the jaw or in any place near your wisdom tooth, you should have our dentist examine the area. Other issues concerning wisdom tooth include partially erupted, surrounding gum infection, growth in an awkward angle and more.

At Faithful Dental, we provide solutions to our patients’ dental issues and problems, including wisdom teeth extractions. We usually recommend extractions if the teeth are causing pain or discomfort. 

Some wisdom tooth removal, if the tooth has not erupted yet, and some difficult tooth extraction may need surgical extraction. Surgical extraction may involve cutting through the gum and slightly trimming of surrounding bone, then extracting it. Recovery time may vary, but it usually takes no more than a few days for the patient to completely recover from the treatment.

In some complicated tooth extraction cases, patient may need to be referred to specialist, oral surgeon, for treatment.